Monday, June 8, 2009

Wildlife Carer

Recently I joined the Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers and have done a few training sessions (Rescue & Rehabilitation of Native Wildlife; First Aid for Native Wildlife; Introduction to Possums, Gliders & Small Marsupials). Last week I took my first rescue call - a wallaby had been hit by a car close to where we live - and I was asked to see if there was a joey in the pouch. I filled up a hot water bottle, wrapped it in a blanket, put it in my 'rescue basket' and set off down the road. Unfortunately when I arrived, the wallaby was already dead from the impact of the car and it was a male, so no joey.
At the end of this month I'll be doing the 'Raising Maruspial Joeys' training, so hopefully when I've completed this I'll be able to put my knowledge to good use in the hand-raising of a joey possum or sugar glider.
Will keep you posted.

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